Using StudyAce, Stanbridge Academy Captivates The Attention of Students with Learning Disabilities a

For most students with learning disabilities, maintaining focus during study and learning sessions is an all too familiar challenge, one that threatens to obstruct their quest for knowledge acquisition. One way of tackling this challenge is to bolster the student’s inherent desire to remain focused on learning by using games with relevant curriculum. StudyAce, an engaging learning game-based platform developed by Mighty Play, offers just that. StudyAce presents curriculum through customizable games, flashcards, practice tests and student reporting.

Recently, Mighty Play had the opportunity to pilot 5th through 8th-grade learning games at The Stanbridge Academy. Stanbridge Academy is a caring, and comprehensive K-12 school for students with mild to moderate learning and social communication disabilities. Teachers at Stanbridge Academy understand their students’ learning differences, and work to perfect strategies that develop their academic, social and emotional capabilities. Students describe the environment at Stanbridge, as caring and filled with great warmth.For the first run pilot, the 7th and 8th grade staff, and students, teamed up with Mighty Play to test out StudyAce. Students were introduced to new concepts, and reviewed previously learned concepts, with StudyAce’s learning games. Students worked with StudyAce independently and in whole class exercises. If there was a specific learning game that StudyAce did not offer, the students created, combined and collaborated their own learning games. Students then shared their games with the whole class. It was a privileged to witness a previously withdrawn student transform into an active participant with the use of StudyAce’s fraction games. One high performing student picked-up an interest in quadratics while playing Swipe It while one student with slow processing glowed with the sparkle of success after she scored five stars when factoring integers in the Tap Match.

For Mighty Play the experience at Stanbridge Academy was a powerful reminder of just how educationally potent an engaging, content driven learning game can be when paired with an excellent teaching

Learning games typically generate a lot of excitement and buzz in the classroom. However, as demonstrated at Stanbridge Academy, StudyAce creates a particularly healthy learning environment where students pay rapt attention to their lessons, so much so that there’s nothing but silence in the classroom.

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