Our goal at Test Prep Workshop is to create the best learning experience for your student. This starts by recognizing that "one size fits all" does not apply to education. 

Each student is unique.  The overarching academic goals for students may be the same, yet students learns in a different ways and at different paces.  At TPW, we individualize instruction to serve all types of learners: from the student who does not want to waste time covering material they already mastered to students who need to proceed through the curriculum more slowly. 

We look forward to helping your student reach his or her fullest potential.

Bert and Madeline 
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I'm a seasoned teacher with a Masters in Special Education, an expertise in math, and the dedication to providing students with the tools and methods necessary to learn and succeed in math.  I have experience teaching students from 1st grade through High School in math and reading.  Students range from those who struggle with math to those who are highly proficient in math and want to level up.  


For 7 years, I taught math, reading and writing at the San Carlos Charter Learning Center.  As a 1st through 8th grade Resource Specialist and teacher, my students are academically and socially diverse. I started Test Prep Workshop in 2017 and enjoy tracking our success through actual pre- and post-testing scores.  TPW's success hinges on our ability to provide the student access to a wide variety of learning strategies, persistence, and laughter. 

Making Math Real employs is a multi-sensory approach to learning math.  The goal is for students to create a picture in their working memory based on the perceptual and conceptual understanding of math.  I've taken multiple MMR training sessions for Addition, Operations, Math Facts, Fractions, Decimals, Advanced Place Value, Ratios, Word Problems, Percentages, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra. 

Additional Professional Development includes:

When I'm not working, I tease our two kids endlessly.  


I have over 15 years working with schools, teachers, students and parents involved in elementary, middle and high schools.   

Most of my career has been in ed-tech, designing and developing learning products.  Products include:  LeapFrog's Leapster and it's library of 100+ learning books, Leapster and its 50+ learning cartridges, Foundations of Math (addition through Algebra 2), Digital Passport, StudyAce and various learning products for major educational and media companies.  I also served on Saint Ignatius High School ed-tech board focused on increasing girls and ethnic minorities in STEM. 

I've taken multiple professional development sessions, including 9-Lines Addition, 4-Operations and 400 Math Facts, Fractions, Decimals and Advanced Place Value, Games, and Brigham Young University Algebra.  

When I'm not working, I exercise - yoga, cardio and boxing.