• 55-minute in-person sessions

  • 3-5 Practice Tests 

  • Test Prep Homework scaled to what the student is able to do independent of tutor

  • Online School Homework Help during tutoring weeks

  • Parent Update end of each month or upon request.  Parents are invited to schedule free 15-minute meetings to discuss their child's progress

    • $125 per individual session​

    • $115 per 55-minute session for a 4-month  commitment, 1 session per week

    • $95per 55-minute session for 2 students at similar learning levels 

    • One-time $150 material fee

My Learning Pathways

Our sister company, My Learning Pathways (MLP) is the place to go for students who  need to:

  • prepare for school tests

  • refresh and acquire new math skills

  • strengthen reading comprehension skills  

  • build a bigger vocabulary


Since students' learning styles are unique, MLP customizes best practices to deliver the high-quality education each child needs and deserves.


MLP works with students in grades 1st-9th, including gifted learners, learners with learning differences, and every learner in between. 

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Test Prep Workshop™ 


No amount of tips or tricks will help students do well on the ISEE, SSAT or HSPT tests. To excel, students need strong foundations in Math, Vocabulary, English, Reading Comprehension, and Writing.  Test Prep Workshop (TPW) provides the best teaching methodologies to optimize test success and school performance. At TPW, we assess how the student learns, what the student knows and what we need to teach for maximum success on the test and in life. Students will also learn test taking strategies, such as how to interpret instructions, manage time, reduce test anxiety, strategically answer questions, and when to make educated guesses. 


ONLINE, YOUR HOME, MY HOME  - I go wherever learning is safest!


The Teaching Methods Used

Diagnostic and Test Prep Plan

  • Free 30-minute family visit to meet and understand needs

  • Initial diagnostic evaluation designed to reduce fear of failure.  Students take their first ISEE test at home over 1-2 weeks, untimed to help  reduce anxiety

  • Personalized Test Prep Plan defines what students need to learn based on their diagnostic test results.

  • One-on-one instruction

  • We teach to the test in each session and veer off to teach concepts for long-term understanding 

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1548 Sunnyslope Avenue

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The entrance exam is an important educational milestone. According to the Private School Review, only 67% of students who take the exam in the bay area get into private school. Parents are aware of the risk and students are aware that they need to perform. Anxiety is high. It is important to offset the influence of test taking stressors so that students can perform to their highest potential on the big test day.


So, we invite your student into our home to take practice tests, review with Bert or Madeline, learn something new inside or outside, snack on warm cookies or take a break to pet a bunny. Or if you prefer your home or online, we are happy to accommodate you!